Versatile professional with 15+ years of experience

I´m a Finnish designer, entrepreneur and dad living and working in France and Finland.

I have more than 15 years’ experience in creative visual work. Before setting up my own business, I was employed by the design and advertising agencies.

I graduated as a Bachelor of Culture and Arts (graphic design) in 1998. Besides that, I have studied business.

My clients come from a wide range of industries, from the ICT, real estate and food industries, to the health care industry and public sector. I have done many kinds of creative projects starting from extensive brand and visual design renewals to the lay-out design of web content, annual reports and packages to name a few.

In my mind, successful design conveys the essence of a brand to all stakeholders of an organisation. In my work, each client and project is different but still every one starts from the strategic goals of business.


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