Strategic Design

Visual Identity

Visual identity forms the essence of the brand and distinguishes it from the competitors. Visual identity is a visual expression of the business strategy. Building a visual identity means a long-term investment for a company. It increases the immaterial capital and brings additional value that manifests itself in relationships with customers and in mergers and acquisitions. Basic elements of the visual identity are the logo, colours and typography which are supported by graphic patterns and the style of the photos, for example. Visual identity can also be designed for a product or a company brand.
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Brands in Order

Brands in Order is a brand hierarchy process for streamlining the brand portfolio. As a result of a rapid growth or in mergers the brand portfolio can get messy and slip from the strategical targets. Brands in Order process guarantees that the brand entity supports the business and its targets.

Visual Scanning

A brand is not an island. Every brand operates in a context of competing brands and other reference groups. Visual Scan studies the visual environment of a brand and recognises the various ways the brand can stand up.

Graphic Guidelines

Graphic Guidelines give advice about how the visual look is implemented. It defines how to use the basic elements (logo, colours, typography) of the visual look in practical cases.
Guidelines tell us how the practical applications, like visiting cards, powerpoint or brochures are supposed to look like. The scope of the guidelines can vary case by case. They can form a compact mini version or a wide brand manual which also covers the brand hierarchy, office space, style of brand pictures, for example.


Examples of Practical Implementations

Publication Design

I plan the look and implementation of various kind of publications, for example books, reports and customer magazines.

Package design

I design the composition and look of separate packages or package series.

Web design

The Web is in the key position regarding the brand visibility. I design the kind of web visibility that aligns with the company’s business goals, and also implement that in practise, when needed.

Logo Design

The company emblem is designed in most cases at the same time with other elements of the visual look, like colours or typography. The logo renewal can vary from designing a completely new logo to “the make-up” of the old one.