How I work

The importance of visuality is growing in everything companies do. Results of product development, technical innovations as well as individual persons need the right kind of packaging and branding in order to stand out.

Companies need to differentiate themselves from competitors in a stylish way that suits their business needs and purpose.

My strength is business-orientation. I am able to convert any company’s business strategy into a visual form, creating a brand entity consisting of guidance in graphics and the practical benefits of using logos, packages and interior design.

I always begin my work with the client viewing things from his or her present situation, needs and desires. I use a lot of time asking questions, listening and interacting until I have created a total picture of the case. Based on that, I will make my suggestion regarding the process to go forward.

My clients are at different stages. Sometimes a complete renewal is needed, in other cases, updating the present look and applications in practise might be enough. I always base my proposal on the client’s total situation.

The most important factors in my work are a holistic approach and continuity – which mean that the implemented solutions are on a sustainable basis and easy to apply. I strive for stylish and classic solutions which look fresh.


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